Why You Should Never Pay Full Price

We are in the that weird time of year that I like to call Summall. (Honestly, I just made that up. Ha) It’s the overlap of Summer and Fall, when you’re just not sure what type of clothes to wear. I know I’m not the only one experiencing the indecision between the two: “Should I continue wearing my summer clothes, because it’s still hot as Hades?” OR “Should I just embrace the Fall layered look, because I’m dying to wear anything besides sandals?” So I decided to make my first Frugal Friday post about how to master the perfect Summer-Fall cross over outfit!

Fashion tip for having the perfect outfit for SUMMALL (Summer-Fall):

– Mix and match aspects of BOTH types of seasonal clothing. A light scarf with a sleeveless dress. Booties with jeans and a tank top. A light sweater with a pair of shorts and sandals. So many fun possibilities!

In the outfit featured, I chose to pair a chunky sleeveless sweater dress from Urban Outfitters with a great pair of wrap-up flats from Banana Republic and some simple jewelry accents.

Outfit details: 

Dress- $10 Urban Outfitters (originally $69)

Shoes- $22 Banana Republic (originally $128)

Iridescent Drop Earrings – $6.49 J. Crew (originally $29.50)

Soooooo you may be wondering how I was able to snag each item at such a good price! The key was SALE SALE and more SALE! Ladies, you must be aware. Not all sales are created equal! When working in retail, I learned most “sales” are not really sales. A lot of stores never take down their “sale” signs that say 40% off full price or 30% off full price. If you look at the price tag on the item and take 40% off, that’s essentially the base line price. If you’re frugally minded, the best time to shop is when the item is on sale and then there’s an ADDITIONAL percent off the sale price. The sweater dress was on sale for $19.99 and I snatched it during an extra 50% off sale. Same with the shoes and earrings! The shoes were on sale for $44, earrings for $13, and then an additional half off! These extra percent off sales usually happen on the weekends, Friday through Sunday. Often times they usually vary in percent off, anywhere from 30% to 60%. (Sometimes Banana Republic has an extra 60% off, which is like hitting the jackpot!)  

This past weekend I was wearing this outfit to brunch and decided to do some browsing at Rag & Bone. The clerk complimented my dress and then proceeded to show me one they had that was similar. It was $495! Little did she know I paid little to nothing for my dress! Moments like this make bargain hunting so rewarding. 

Frugal Tip: If you’re looking for a good sale, wait until there’s an extra percent off sale, preferably extra 50%.


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