Summer Swimsuit Guide: Top Trends This Season!

It’s July and summer is in full swing! Summer is hands down my favorite season. I love everything about it! The sun, late nights, yummy ice cream runs, and days at the pool are what I live for. As a teacher, I am blessed to have a lot of freedom during the summer months. With all that free time, I love to spend my days soaking up the sun at the pool or beach, which means most of my summer wardrobe consists of bathing suits! Love ’em, hate ’em you can’t survive the summer without them! 

This post is all about the #1 summer staple, swimsuits. I feel like now, more than ever before swimsuits are trendier than ever! There are so many cute, fashionable options out there. Your swimsuit is definitely an extension of your own personal style. There’s no reason to wear a boring swimsuit! I’vecreated a quick roundup of this summer’s hottest swimsuit trends and at the end, I’ll share my favorite place to go for affordable trendy swimwear!

Top 7 Swimsuit Trends:

1. Scallop Detail Swimsuits!

I love scallop detail on pretty much everything! (I just bought a darling metallic clutch with scallop details.) So why not add them to bathing suits?! I’m a big fan of the high neck and one shoulder looks!

2. Off the Shoulder Swimsuits!

We all know that the Off the Shoulder trend is certainly taking over! So of course it’s going to infiltrate the swimsuit world. I have one that I LOVE and surprisingly, it does not give you crazy tan lines! So no need to worry about that. I love this look, it’s flirty and fun!

3. One Shoulder Swimsuits!

One shoulder swimsuits are so unique and certainly make a statement. I just bought a scalloped one shoulder, and I’m a bit obsessed! Weird tan lines are hard to avoid with this look. Eeek!

4. Ruffle Detail Swimsuits!

Ruffles have been in for a while and are certainly not going anywhere fast. I’ve had a love affair with ruffles since a child, so having them on my swimsuit is a no-brainer. I love simple, small ruffle details or even bolder statements that give off a romantic vibe. 

5. Crochet Swimsuits!

Initially, seeing these on the rack might take you aback a bit. It seems odd wearing something so fabricy in the water, but it’s so cute! There’s a lot of adorable crochet details on swimsuits this season or full on crochet looks if you want to jump all in!

6. Cutout One-Piece Swimsuits!

One-Piece swimsuits are soooooo in right now! A few years ago, one-pieces used to be so hard to come by. (I’m sure all the modest gals out there can attest!) And now they are taking over! Not only are they comfortable, there are so many different trends and looks out there to choose from! 

7. Tassel Swimsuits! 

Just like off-the-shoulder, tassels are taking over! The tassel trend is going strong. From tassel tops to tassel earrings! So why not have tassels on your swimsuit! I’m obsessed with these looks, and this palm leaf tassel suit may be my next purchase! 🙂 

One of the perks of living in New York City, is having friends with really cool jobs. 😉 One of my dear friends, Nikky, is a swimsuit designer and designs a lot for Target! I asked her if she could give us a quick DL of this season’s hottest swimsuit trends! As a designer, it’s her job to stay on top of the latest fashions and scout out new trends. 

“Boho is back and bigger than ever! Festival looks are being interpreted into swimwear with handcrafted details, crochet textures and colors inspired by the desert!  Lingerie has also been a big influence in the swim world this year. Little details such as delicate lace trims, perfectly placed ruffles and see-through mesh fabric create an romantic look you can wear by the pool or show off underneath your favorite summer tank! Get a head start scouting for next year’s biggest trend…the 1 piece swimsuit! From super strappy to sleek graphic styles, you won’t want to miss out on this one!”

With the dish on the latest swimsuit trends, you should feel equipped and ready to rock it this summer! There’s so many trendy pieces this summer, there’s no reason to have a boring suit this season!

Lately, one of my favorite places to snag fashion-forward swimsuits is Zaful! I’m sure you’ve seen the ads cluttering your social media platforms. I was skeptical at first, but at rock-bottom prices I thought it was worth a shot! The sizing can be kind of off, so make sure you measure before purchasing. But other than that, I’ve found the quality to be pretty impressive. The suits that I’ve gotten have been pretty true to the images and the fabric has been surprisingly thick and high quality. Their customer service is very responsive as well and has been really great about addressing concerns.  

Frugal Tip: Shop at Zaful to snag some frugal up-to-date swimsuits this season!

Happy summer ya’ll! Hope you have days filled with sun, smiles, and cute swimsuits! 🙂


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