Modern Main Door Designs for Indian Homes: The Shape and the Motif

Did you want to realize Indian home for you to live in? If so, you must learn many kinds of Indian designs for every aspect of the house. Among those aspects, you must never forget to think carefully about the designs you should choose for the main door. Do you prefer door designs for Indian homes? If so, we will tell you how to choose them based on the shape and the motif here so that you don’t confuse the modern and the traditional ones. Let’s just get started here then.

Choose Square or Rectangular Over Arched Ones

If you look through various kinds of Indian main door designs for homes, you should be able to find them with more than one shape. The common shapes made for doors are square, vertically rectangular, or tall with arch on top. So, what do we have to choose as the most suitable door designs? You see,although every each of them has been used with various styles, you should be able to notice something.

Yes, we are talking about noticing which one is more modern-looking and which one is more traditional-looking. If you expect to get modern door, we suggest you to choose either the square or rectangular ones. Why? It is because the one with arch top looks just like door style used in the past, in old mansion, in cathedral, etc. It still brings traditional attribute somehow, although it does look majestic on its own.

Choose the Design Motif without Crafted Part On

After you look through Indian homes’ main door designs based on their shape, you can move on to the next step to look through them based on their design motif. Although Indian homes’ doors can be artistically crafted with complicated motif on their surface, it won’t be the right option. Remember, we are looking for one with modern style here. Hand-crafted doors are not suitable for it.

Just like how wooden, arched doors were used in the past, hand-crafted ones were also used at that time. It then became common for traditional style. Thus, it won’t make good choice for the modern Indian doors. The modern Indian doors you can lay your eyes on are mostly made with the door between two vertical glasses. Sometimes, they have the doors with lines of glass to see through. Crafted doors are not like this.

In Conclusion

To choose door designs among all doors for such home, you will have to pay attention to two important things. They are the shape and the design motif. From the shape, either square or rectangular doors are what can be considered as modern today. As from the design motif, the doors can be modern-looking if they are designed with combination of wood and glass with no artistic, crafted part. Indian homes’ modern main doors should be chosen like this here.

Description: Modern main door designs for Indian homes can be chosen by considering its shape and design motif. For this style, it is best to pick square/rectangular door with wood and glass design.

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