Leather Leggings: A Wardrobe Staple Every Woman Needs

If you’ve been following for awhile or a short time, you know that I’m quite a shopaholic. Even though I tend to acquire new pieces in my wardrobe relatively quickly, I do believe in the power of staples! Today’s post is all about one of the most necessary staples, no matter the season. Leather leggings! I firmly believe every woman should own a great pair of leather leggings. They are so versatile and can be paired with so many different looks! Think athleisure with a workout pullover, paired with an oversized sweater, or dressed up for a sexy night out! 

My leather leggings are probably my favorite pair of pants in my closet right now. So comfy, yet chic!


Easy Ways To Style Leather Leggings:

1. Pair them with your favorite oversized sweater and booties!

2. For a casual and comfy athelisure look, pair them with a workout pullover!

3. Grab a pair of heels and a flowy blouse, for a dressy weekend look!

4. Leather leggings with a blazer, will create the perfect date night outfit!

Not only are leather leggings pretty versatile no matter the season or occasion, they are also fairly inexpensive!

I’ve listed some great frugal options that are on the market right now:







H & M


One of my favorite go-to weekend looks is anything with my leather leggings lately! It’s a comfy way to add a more polished look to any outfit.

In this look I decided to go for a casual, cozy, yet sophisticated look. I paired my leather leggings with suede booties for a different texture and topped it off with this super fun grey fleece jacket. I love the different textures and dimensions of this look, not to mention how comfy it is! 🙂


So if you’ve been afraid to venture into the leather legging world, I hope this post pushes you in the right direction. They are one of my closets greatest staples, and they should be yours too!


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