How to Successfully Shop and Save at Target

Target is every woman’s demise. I’ve never met a lady who doesn’t like Target! We’ve all seen the memes about overstocking your cart with a mountain of unnecessary items, when in actuality all you came in for was toothpaste. Uh, totally guilty. Generally, Target is an inexpensive place to shop, but I’ve been finding that it keeps getting pricier and pricier! Since when did their shoes cost $50!? No, thank you. As a budget shopper, I’m always looking for the biggest deal and the greatest steal. With an endless amount of items to shop, and new items being added all the time, it’s hard to figure out what is actually a bargain and worth the purchase.

This post highlights some of my best strategies to ACTUALLY save while shopping at Target, and hopefully not get sucked in to their overpriced low-quality items. I’ve named some of my greatest tips to help you navigate your next shopping trip to Target successfully!

Best Money Saving Target Shopping Tips

1. Stay on track!

Target is a great go-to stop for EVERYTHING, which can be so convenient! However, you don’t want to sacrifice savings just because of conveinence. It’s so easy to stop and grab a cute top for date night while you head to the cereal aisle, but that top might be $29.99! When you could easily find a better quality, designer shirt for less than that at T.J.MAXX or Marshall’s. Ladies, stick to tunnel vision and just say no!

2. Always shop a sale!

Although Target does have low everyday prices, they do have great sales every now and then! One of my favorite ways to stay on top of the best deals is the Cartwheel App. Every week they update it with the week’s deals. My favorite ones to look out for are an extra 20% or 25% off certain clothing items or clothing brands, like Xhilliration or their designer series. I also love when they have an additional percentage off their clearance items! I’m always a sucker for a deal on top of a deal! 😉 So download and let the savings begin!

3. Know what’s the best bang for your buck!

Don’t be fooled, Target can be pricey! I feel like as it grows and grows in popularity, the prices grow as well. Now its rare to find a pair of shoes for less than $20! If you’re a frugal shopper, stick to your guns. Don’t be swayed by the cute marketing! Know your prices and what you’re willing to pay. For example, I never like to pay more then $20 for a top and $30 for shoes. When looking at Targets prices, the most reasonably priced items are their swimsuits, workout wear, and jeans!

4. The designer spotlight selections, jeans, maternity, and swimwear are the best to shop!

One of my favorite things about Target is their designer spotlight seasonal selections! Anyone remember their Lily Pulitzer selection?! That was bananas! One of my friends is a swimwear designer for Target and she said that Target’s swimwear goes through the highest level of quality testing, more than any other brand they design for! So their swimwear is definitely a go! Lately I just discovered their jean selection! I got them when they were an extra 20% off and I just love the fit and quality! I get so many compliments!

I had been looking for a great pair of step-hem jeans for awhile, and actually found a pair I fell in love with at the LOFT, but they were always over $60 and I was never willing to budge. Then I discovered Target’s jean section and found a pair of distressed step-hem jeans and fell in love! They fit so great and are super comfortable! I’m not much of a jeans girl, so I don’t like to fork over to much cash for a pair. I was so happy to find these. They are SO in this season and look great with a wide variety of outfits.

For this week’s outfit, I decided to pair more glam statement pieces with casual distressed items for a nice contrast. I love this shade of baby blue that is very “in” right now as well. One of my favorite date night looks is to pair casual and dressy statement pieces together for a unique look!

Outfit Details:

Bow Sash Wrap Top – $12 Francescas (originally $50)

Steve Madden Chunky Cork Black Strappy Heel – $15 Marshall’s (originally $110)

Metallic Scalloped Clutch – $12 Banana Republic (On sale for $20, had extra 40% off!, originally $68)

Step Hem Jeans -$24 Target

Can’t wait to continue this money-saving journey with you! 

And don’t forget to use some of these tricks then next time you step foot into Target. It doesn’t have to be a money pit if you enter with a frugal mindset. 🙂


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