Now that the stockings are hung, the gifts are beautifully wrapped, and the cookies are decorated we can finally focus on every fashionistas favorite part of Christmas prep, the outfit! I always like to have the perfect outfit for every holiday occasion. I maaayyy be guilty of pinning Christmas outfit ideas since October. Eeeek! But there’s something so special about dressing up for the holidays! I feel like it’s always a good excuse to wear items you typically wouldn’t the rest of the year, like velvet, sparkles, and frills!

In this week’s post I wanted to give some helpful suggestions on how to create the perfect holiday look, without breaking the bank of course! 😉

How to Master the Perfect Holiday Look:

1. Strive for Comfort! 

There is nothing worse than suffering through an event with a KILLER outfit, but not being able to enjoy yourself because you’re so uncomfortable! Especially at gatherings where you know you’re going to indulge in delicious foods and too many sweet treats, you’re going to want some wiggle room. Think flowy skirts, swapping tights for cute leggings, or oversized sweaters. 

2. Pick Versatile Pieces! 

I hate the thought of wasting money on something I know I’ll only wear once. So anytime I go shopping for a certain occasion, especially Christmas, I make sure that the items I’m investing in are ones I can wear again, or that I can mix and match with other pieces. Try to stick with classic colors that you wear often. For me, black is always a safe choice. (It’s the New Yorker in me! 😉 ). Shy away from bright reds and greens, that scream seasonal!

3. Dress Warmly!

I know festive sleeveless dresses can be tempting around this season, but in the cold North, it’s not very practical. There are tons of cute long sleeve pieces that can be worn, where you’ll still be left feeling fabulous without freezing your tail off. As a girly girl in the winter, one of my secrets to successfully wearing dresses in the freezing temps are fleece-lined tights! Sometimes, I seriously think they can be warmer then pants! Invest in a couple good pairs, you’ll thank me. 

4. Spice It Up!

If there’s a time of year to jump out of your comfort zone, in terms of style, now is the time! This is the time of year when you can experiment and have my permission to dress a little fancier and more flashy than normal. Try something new that you’ve never worn. Add a little sparkle, a different neck line, or heel to mix it up! 

5. Be Creative and Use What You Have!

As a budget-minded gal, I’m all about reusing and repurposing clothes. Just think, you could have a perfect Christmas outfit in your closet already, just waiting to be discovered. Think about what skirts you could pair with different tops, or sweaters that could be layered. A pencil skirt that you wear to work, could easily be paired with a festive satin blouse to make a great holiday look.  

6. Accessorize! 

This is one of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit for the Christmas season! Bold jewelry is a must! Pick one accessory to stand out. Wether that is a statement necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Depending on the cut and neckline of the outfit, I like to choose my jewelry accordingly. For example, I like to pair bold earrings with off the shoulder tops to accentuate the neckline, or pair a statement necklace with a sweater to add some pizazz. One of my recent favorite statement pieces that I’ve purchased recently is a velvet choker. (Featured in this week’s outfit!) Perfect for the season! 

7. Pick a Different Textile!

Two fabrics that I love during the holiday season are velvet and satin. There’s something special about them that just screams CHRISTMAS! Think of ways you can incorporate the fabrics into your holiday look. You can create a layered look with a satin camisole, accessorize with a velvet choker, or go all out with a velvet jumper! (I saw one at American Apparel and am in love!) Another festive fabric I love is tulle! As you can tell by my outfit of choice!

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