How to Create a Beautiful Wedding Table Setting on a Budget

Every bride dreams of a beautiful wedding day: the ideal venue, wonderfully crafted menu, fun for the guests, and of course the most perfect ambiance. It can be so easy to get bogged down with the overwhelming details of wedding planning! However, I have found that the unique details and elements of a wedding are what make it special and memorable.

One of the biggest ways to create a statement is through the design and details of each table setting. If you think about it, your guests spend most of their time at their tables! Putting thought and effort into creating a beautiful table scape is worth the investment. But, if you’re a bride on a budget, it can be difficult to do so without breaking the budget and going overboard!

In today’s post, I’m going to share how I crafted my table settings while saving a TON of money. As a Frugalista, my biggest goal as a bride was to achieve the wedding of my dreams for a fraction of a price. Doing research on decor items really helped cut down major costs. Lucky for you, I’m sharing all those finds right here!

I like to refer to my wedding theme as “natural romantic”. I went for the light and airy vibe, with tons of natural greenery. For this reason, I wanted my tables to channel that same style.

6 Budget-friendly Items for a Wedding Table Setting:

  1. Cloth Napkins – $1 each, Come in a pack of 4 from Ikea for $3.99!

2. Gold Chargers – $1 each at the Dollar Tree!

3. Greenery Sprigs – FREE, My florist used leftover items to add this simple touch. Ask your florist to do the same!

4. Menus and Place Cards – $6.50, Download from Etsy, print at home or send to Staples!

5. Tea light Candleholders – $1 each at the Dollar Tree! Used these to weave throughout the King’s table greenery garland.

6. Framed Acrylic Signs for Table Numbers – $1 each at the Dollar Tree! These took a few steps of crafting. Just some simple gold spray paint for the frame and then calligraphy with a Sharpie paint pen!

How to Create a Beautiful Wedding Table Setting on a Budget

I could have easily rented each of these items from the caterer, but it would have definitely cost more. Doing the research to find these items was worth it! ALSO, one of my favorite tips for frugal brides is to resell your wedding items to other future brides! I was able to sell each one of these items on a Bridal Facebook group in my area for the same amount or MORE than what I paid. Hello profit! I highly encourage you to look for a Facebook group in your area. It can be a great avenue to find discounted decorations or a place to resell your wedding items to break even.

If you’re a bride on a budget, I hope this gives you some helpful tips and ideas on how to achieve your ideal wedding without breaking the bank!


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