Garage Door Quick Release and How to Protect Your House from Break-Ins

Are you living in unsafe neighborhood? Has your house ever broken in by criminals before? Regardless of your reason, we have some tips for you to keep in mind and do here. You know, garage is one of the most vulnerable places for criminals to break in. To prevent break-ins, we recommend you to use garage door quick release, use it wisely, and do other precautions as well. All of these are needed to protect your house after all.

  1. Don’t Use the First 2 Generations of the Device

This so-called release is device that has gone through up to the third generation. Although the three generations are similar ones, they have difference in their reliability. So, we suggest you to not choose the first 2 generations of this device here. Why? It is because the first generation features all the same code. Even when you can set the code in the second generation, it can still be unlocked by code grabber device. Both are not safe choice.

  1. Be Sure to Choose the Third Generation Instead

We still recommend for you to choose here because there is the last generation of it left to pick. Yes, this is the best one for you to choose. It now features rolling-code technology. This new feature will make the remote to transmit brand new security code every time the remote is pressed. With this technology, it becomes very hard for criminals to unlock the code by code grabber devices anymore. It is safer to pick.

  1. Definitely Don’t Leave the Remote in the Garage

Let us tell you here that it is a big no to leave the remote to this device in the garage. Don’t ever leave it in your car or simply put it somewhere in the garage! As it was said earlier, after you choose the right generation of the release, you will have to use it wisely. Leaving it in the garage will give access for the criminals into your home if they manage to break in. Let alone your vehicles, other properties of yours can end up being stolen too.

  1. Choose Garage Door that Lacks Window Designs

Nowadays, many garage doors are made by designing windows on. However, these windows are not good to choose if you concern about the safety of your properties inside the house. Why? It is because anyone can just peek what’s inside from outside. So, besides using garage door quick release, it is best to choose garage doors with less or even no windows to ensure home safety. If you have the windows, lock them tight and cover them.

  1. Do Some Maintenance to the Mechanical System

This automatic device works by mechanical system, of course. Usually, it has mechanical parts build around the top of your garage door to the ceiling of the garage. If you open the door with the remote, the system will roll it up to give you entry. However, they are still mechanical things that are prone to corrosion. So, be sure to do maintenance once in a while to make sure that garage keeps working well to secure your home.

Description: Garage door quick release has its third generation to work with new system to secure your home. Even so, it must be used wisely and you have to do other precautions too.

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